Strong Prospects

I have a new client. Successful CEO. Aggressive. Assertive. Respected. Confident. Experienced…and a whole bunch of other superlatives. He was thoughtful in his decisionmaking process and made a comment on closing day that I’d like to share.

“Rick, I don’t think that your competitor will be able to stand up to me as well as you will.”
Think about that. How many times do we think that we have to ‘yes’ a client? How many times do we worry about pushing back? Real clients don’t want more of the same. They want you to fix their company or they’re wasting your time. This prospect doesn’t want to waste time. He wants change and he wants an expert that’s going to help him change, not help him stay the same.

He also used a pretty cool close on me. When I asked, “What should we do now?”, he said, “Why don’t you send me an invoice for the evaluation? It takes a couple of days for me to request a check and I want to get the controller used to the idea.”

He was so smooth that I had to send the invoice (almost immediately).

3 thoughts on “Strong Prospects

  1. Looks like someone found the balance between the old “abrasive” Rick and the “not saying what you really feel” newer Rick – congrats!!

  2. I absolutely agree. Clients hire you to get results. Not hear or do more of the same. When people hire a Personal Trainer ( it is not for the trainer to ask them what they WANT to do. It is to let them know what they HAVE to do in order to achieve what they are looking for. What they HAVE to do is rarely what is pleasant or what the person WANTS. But that is a professional’s job and if you stay true to what is right, you will have a client for life. Yes, they may hate you at times, doubt you at times, but in the end, they will refer you all the time. That is the kind of business growth everyone loves to get!

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