The Difference Between Boys and Girls

I met Maggie last summer when she visited us at our beach in Maine. Understandably, when she visited, everyone was wearing bathing suits. I saw her at tonight’s event and my greeting was, “Hi, Maggie. You look different with clothes on.” Maggie smiled.

Elaine also remembered Maggie and greeted her with, “Hi, Maggie. You’ve lost weight.” Maggie replied, “I’ve been doing the South Beach diet. Thanks for noticing.” and they had an extended conversation.

The difference between boys and girls.

2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Boys and Girls

  1. Rick, you are having trouble with titles—it should be “Men & Women”—A young boy would have blushed, mumbled “Hi” and ignored her—A young girl would have said “Hi” and got chatty—A woman would make Elaine’s comment—BUT a man (and I use the word loosely) would have made your comment—-What happened to your gift-of-gab ??? I hope you made a quick recovery !!!!!

  2. Quick recovery?? I dont think Rick has ever tried to recover No Way! Rick says what he is thinking and thats it. You like it You don’t oh well next! This is why we love him With Maggie it takes alot to offend her she is very easy going we both laughed and thought it was very funny.

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