Are YOU Nero?

So, I read Frank’s post the day that he wrote it. I found it thoughtful, on point and knew that I’d comment eventually. Different people know different things. I got some great off-line comments about my post on scientific equations. It got me thinking about all the things that small business people need to know.

How many business owners LOVE algebra? Remember this? If a = 2b, and b = 2c, what is the equation that shows the relationship between a and c? When has not knowing algebra ever hurt your business?

How about economics? Remember Supply and Demand? Where is equilibrium for you?

How about the Price Elasticity of your Demand? Do you know what will happen if you raise or lower your price?

Do you know what the primary colors areThe secondary colors?

I’m sure that those CEO’s that Frank wrote about had “people” that knew algebra, understood economics, and knew the color wheel. I’m sure that they also had financial people, sales people, marketing people, yada, yada, yada. But were they listening to them? When they realized that their “people” weren’t getting it done, did they look elsewhere for answers?

Can you sell? Do you know why or why not? Do you have a fiddle?

One thought on “Are YOU Nero?

  1. Hi Rick,Great post from both you and Frank. As a new business owner, I hope that we would learn from those we have worked for in the past. I have had plenty of bosses who were oblivious to what their people and their customers were saying abou them. I feel it is key to work the front lines as an owner and understand what is happening in your business. Although, I would love to own an empire, I hope I am able to keep touch with what is happening on the front lines and never lose sight of where I started.P.S. I’m not musical 🙂

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