Closing Attitude

OK. Pretend you’re a hot shot sales coach and this happens to you. What would you do?

A salesperson that you’re coaching is in a regular training session and asks the trainer for help with a problem that he’s having closing deals. Well, the session is on general process and addressing a specific closing situation isn’t really appropriate, so the trainee is directed to talk to his personal coach immediately after class.

He does and they arange to talk later that afternoon.

So, the trainee calls his coach at the appointed hour and says, “I was having a problem closing, but I think I’m over it.” Coach asks, “What makes you think that you’re over it?” Trainee says, “Because 15 minutes ago, I closed a $91,500 deal.” Coach says, “Congratulations! Was that the only closing problem you were calling about?” Trainee says, “No, actually, this was one of my Monday demos. My other Monday demo, my Tuesday demo and my Wednesday demo didn’t close even though they all agreed that it was decision day when I did the demo.”

Frankly, some of you reading probably have prospects in your pipeline that have been “thinking about it” for six months.  This trainee’s upset that he’s got one 1 day old, 1 two days old and one 3 days old. (Don’t forget that he closed one of them for over $90K.)

OK, so you’re the hot shot coach. What do you do/say?

9 thoughts on “Closing Attitude

  1. I would say. Okay trainee…no problem. Good to hear that you had 4 deals on your plate all with equal potential. That is great! You achieved a 25% close rate – also great! But, you do know that if you closed at least one more you would probably double your commission for the month right? Money does matter to you right? Want to chat?

  2. Questions – 1. Was something done differently with the deal that closed? 2. Were all of the bases followed appropriately (review bases and requirements)? Is it possible a base requirement was not properly met? 3. Are there any clues that may have led you to believe they wouldn’t close?

  3. I would say I’m happy that you got the one you closed but I almost wish you didn’t because if you didn’t, you’d feel more urgency to find out what went wrong with the other three. Because you did close one you’ve accepted the put-offs on the other three as OK and I’m not OK with that…

  4. I would ask him if closing 25% of his prospects is his goal. I’d ask if that closing ratio will deliver his commission goals. Depending on his answers, I’d either dig in deeper about the specifics of each prospect or wish him continued success. Then I’d finish by asking what’s the most important thing we need to discuss. Who knows where that would take us…

  5. Dave,The reason I called Rick on that day is because I was not happy that I still had 3 other deals hanging. I was feeling o.k about closing one, but wanted to know what I could have done differently to close the others too.Rick heilped me to understand that I could have done a few things differently in the 1st meetings that may have changed the outcomes. I want to close every closable deal, Rick has helped me to understand that if all the work is done right (right questions asked) in the 1st meeting that the close is that much easier.Thank you-Rick

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