Success at Trade Shows

I spoke at a networking group yesterday morning. When they asked me to speak, I asked, “On what topic?”. I was told that 10 pf the members of the group had pooled their resources and rented a booth at an upcoming trade show and that it would be great if I could talk about how to have a successful show. I spoke for about 20 minutes and shared many points. I also mentioned a few local experts on the subject and suggested that the group may want to reach out to them.

One of the points was kind of a last minute add-on. As I was driving to the meeting, I was thinking about my presentation and I remembered that one of the things that really drives me crazy is watching people talk on their cell phones when they’re in the booth, or for that matter, working the floor or when they’re supposed to be working any kind of networking room. Leave your cell phone home!

Then I thought of a great analogy! The Red Sox play 160+ games. They all have business managers, spouses, girl friends, kids, stock brokers, yada, yada, yada. How many times do you see a Red Sox player on his cell phone between pitches, while standing on base, or even in the dugout? If they can live without their cell phone for 3-4 hours, shouldn’t we be able to stay off the phone while we’re supposed to be working an event.

I was magnificent! Then, I saw the news the next morning!

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