Ed Kleinman RainMaker Maker Maker?

So, I’m sitting in my office and in walks Ed Kleinman to ask, “So if I walk into your office, you blog about me?” I answered, “Probably.”

Ed, in case you don’t know, coaches coaches. He helps Objective Management Group distributors become successful in their businesses. He holds their hands. Slaps them when necessary. Here’s the wisdom that he shared. He had just come from the veteran’s session where someone asked where they could find information on “The Cycle”. Ed answered, “Page 96“. That’s how well Ed knows his stuff. He knows what page it’s on.

That led us to talking about presentations and how often we watch presenters flipping back and forth in their proposal searching for the chart, quote, or page that they’re looking for. It makes them look unprepared. Be ready. Know your materials.

Now we know why so many of Ed’s disciples are perennial champions.

Thanks, Ed!

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