Closing Up Front

I just read Trish’s interview of Silvana Sears.

I want to use one little snippet. It’s not out of context and it’s very important to anyone who is involved in any part of the sales process. Here’s the snippet:

Trish: What do you look for in a candidate…?

Even though we don’t close deals, I like to hire someone who has closed before. I think this skill helps them do a better job on the front end of the sales process because they know what has to happen on the back end. I think it contributes to our high conversion and close rate.

So, this is what I wanted to point out. Silvana manages inside salespeople that set prospects up (quite well I might add) for outside reps and she prefers salespeople who have closed because they know that closing is a natural conclusion to what started at the beginning.

Great interview. I hope I get to meet Silvana someday.

You can read the whole interview here.

Thanks, Trish!

One thought on “Closing Up Front

  1. Rick,So glad you put Trish Bertuzzi on my radar again. I admit that I never followed up last time, but I read the interview and checked out the Bridge Group. Very interesting. I am now attempting to join her Inside Sales Experts Group on LinkedIn. I am sort of a dinosaur, but am hopefully evolving. Hope you are feeling better. Missed you this morning, but it was a very funny meeting even without you! Jeanne

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