Mothers Day Post

As you may know, my mother reads my blog. She also reads Pete’s, Dave’s, Trish’s, Frank’s, John’s, Kai’s and Zane’s and usually follows their links. She also, at 76, works part time at the Price Chopper, lives with her cat, and talks to me almost every day during my evening commute. It’s during those commutes that, among other topics, she makes her comments to those posts. During Wednesday’s commute, she asked if Mike Eagan had started his blog yet. She was disappointed in my answer and Thursday she asked when Linda (who wants my mother to adopt her) was going to start a blog. I told Linda during my Friday morning commute. We’ll see.

Friday evening, I was watching Katie Couric interview John McCain and his 96 year old mother. As I watched the Senator during the interview, I saw various facial reactions that I could relate to. I saw incredible pride and respect. A few times I saw, “Oh, crap! Don’t ask her that!” Which usually led to a look of relief. Yup. I could relate.

Then, later that night my mother made this comment to my Recession Strategy post. I know that many of you don’t subscribe to the comments on this blog, and I don’t believe that this comment should be missed. It is probably the most important piece of information that’s ever been written here. A few weeks ago, Rich Myers watched my son, Mark, at the MIT Sales Sloan Sales Conference. He made a couple of comments that indicated that the 20 years that Mark lived with us was a worthwhile investment. Well, as you can see in my mother’s comment, I was clearly influenced by the 20 years that I lived with my parents.

So, Happy Mothers Day, Mom………….and THANKS!

5 thoughts on “Mothers Day Post

  1. As I have said before-all of my boys make me proud. Rick may be relating to me at this stage – but I think his Dad made more of an impression on his life as far as his work is concerned than I ever did. I would not make a good salesperson, because I Would feel I was doing you a favor and being an Italian woman-my attitude would probably be “see it my way-or else”. His Dad would sit there for hours and talk until he did convince you that he was doing you a favor-and they would buy. But thank you for the blog,Rick, I love you,too. See you Sunday.

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