Are You Ready?

Many of you know that I don’t typically schedule early morning meetings. I’m up early and I don’t mind working with my laptop or talking with you on the phone (if you’re fun) while I drink one of my morning cups of coffee, but it’s a ‘special order‘ for me to get up and out before 9 or 10. (BTW – as soon as Katie sends me the clip and/or Ron sends me the pictures, I’ll tell you what got me ‘up and out’ last Thursday.) That being said, when my prospect or client shows up, I am there and ready!

A week or so ago, I arrived early for a 7AM meeting. I noticed a “breakfast” sign a few doors down, so I walked over to see if they had anything interesting. They weren’t open. Huh? 7AM Friday morning? I’m not really a breakfast person, but I could swear that 7AM is a pretty important time on a weekday.

Imagine if you showed up for lunch at noon and there was a sign on the restaurant door reading, “Back at 3.”?

Remember how you felt the last time that you walked up to an ATM and it read, “Doing maintenance. Please check back in a few minutes.” (and that’s actually understandable!)

A few mornings ago, it was dark and I heard the sprinklers start on the golf course behind my house. Why? Probably because the golf course management didn’t want to inconvenience their customers by making them wait mid-round during daylight.

Remember this post about our cruise last year? Did you read all the comments?

How about the post about Woody Allen’s advice two years ago?

And btw, if you’re looking to impress, ask yourself whether it’s wise to show up with a bedhead.

So, this is a private message, but if there’s something you can use, feel free.

If you’re prime hours are 9-3, the coffee has to be ready at 9. So do the muffins. You probably have to be there an hour early to do the brewing and the baking. Even though you’re an excellent conversationalist, customers want to walk in, fill their cup, bite a muffin, then talk. They don’t want to hear you say, “I just put the muffins in. They’ll be ready in a few minutes. Incidentally, look at your early birds (the contractors). Do they have Dunkin Donuts cups in their hands as they walk around or on the dash in their truck? Is that acceptable? Give them a reason not to stop. If they’re showing up at 8, brew and bake to be ready for them. Make it special. If they buy Monday through Thursday, Friday’s on you.

OK. Enough seriosity. How about a little Yogi Berra?

Pizza guy asks, “Yogi, you want your pizza cut in 4 slices or 8?”

Yogi replied, “Better make it four. I don’t think I can eat eight.”

…..Give your customers what they want!

One thought on “Are You Ready?

  1. Yogi also said: “When you get to the fork in the road, take it.” On the subject of customer service, I believe a great rule to live by is: “Make promises you can keep and keep them . . . no exceptions.” And if you really, really want to please your customers, exceed their expectations . . . every time.

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