28 thoughts on “Ask me a question!

  1. This is an interesting first question.We actually never decide until the paper comes on Friday morning and truth be told, I sometimes don’t know until I sit down in the theater. It might happen like this. Elaine reads the paper and tells me what theater to drive to. I drop her off at the door and go park. I walk in. Spot her and follow her to our seats.Sad. Huh?By the way….any other questions?

  2. Dale, here’s a double question for you. Are you only interested in playing games? Do you realize that you probably already know the answer to this question?

  3. Rick, Why did you ask this question?? What do you hope to find out?? Are you only interested in sales questions-no, I don’t think thats true….So what???

  4. Rick, I’ll let Elaine pick the movie, but I trust you to answer our questions about sales. HWhat advice and what is your recommended action plan for a salesperson in this situation: 1. New to an organization and to the industry but with years of sales experience selling both products and services2. The organization is a service company. (Like Centrend for Example!!)3. Knows he must sell on value, not price.4. Has a large pool of contacts that have been customers or network partners in the past but has found that few are good prospects for the organization he now works for Thanks Rick, Paul

  5. I would like to respond to Dale’s questions, and make an observation…I am sure that Elaine picks most of the movies. I have observed through my work, that most men who are assertive and strong in their work day life, enjoy not being in charge at home. In fact, behind many a successful man, there is a very strong woman, who is showing them the way!

  6. Does he know what his prospect’s compelling reason’s are? Q1Does he know who his prospects should be? Q1Does he know who else (not competitors) is selling to his potential prospects? Q4Does he have any of those people in his network? Q4Does his profile need to be adjusted? Q3Is there a disconnect between your company’s image (i.e. – you) and the image that he presents? Q3The Q’s identify which of your questions I’m referencing.Salespeople that sell to suits, sometimes can’t transition to selling pick up truck contractors.B2B salespeople sometimes struggle with B2C.Salespeople that are comfortable with $500 transactions may not be able to develop a $10,000 annual service relationship.
    Does this answer questions, or just raise more?

  7. HMMM!Should I pay more attention to Linda’s comment about me being assertive and strong or the “showing me the way” crack?

  8. Is your plan simply to see how many questions you can answer with questions? So far in your answers, your “question mark to period ratio” is less than one! Isn’t that unusual for you?Is your primary reason for blogging like this to have fun with your readers, to develop possible clients, to broaden your overall network, or some of each?

  9. Rick, should a sales superstar feel empathy for terrible salespeople? Or joy that this is their competition? Or annoyance that they have to deal with the negative effect that bad salespeople have on prospects? Or nothing?

  10. Rick, This is for Linda–A woman’s assertiveness is in her subtlety–she lets the man be as assertive as he wants–if she is subtle enough–she gets what she wants and lets him believe that it was all his idea…. You can’t move a bulldozer unless you can start the motor and to do that–you have to know what button to push….So I guess if you are assertive and subtle and push the right button…you’ll make your sale….

  11. Rob, you have a natural curiosity that allows you to question naturally. You’re an avid student and eager to practice. More importantly, the more you practice in situations like this, the more ready you are when it really matters. In case I haven’t said it lately, kudos to you!

  12. Rick, Can I ask a serious question?How would you handle this situation? A prospect “blows you off” for a follow-up a couple times, you file their folder away. Then they call you a year later, and ask you to sponsor an event they are doing. Here comes the question:What is your response?

  13. Tom, this is a much deeper question than I anticipated being asked, but it’s such a great question and with your permission, I’d like to answer it straight up!They are what they are. They believe what they believe. They want to be better or they do not.
    I, as most of you, meet salespeople every day that are successful or aren’t. That are skilled or aren’t. That are effective or not. Big picture? Who cares what I think? I’m one guy with a biased opinion.Tom, I’m gonna interrupt myself here and save this for another day. I want to call in the experts the way Dave did on his blog. Give me a little lee way here and I’ll get you some good answers.

  14. Dale with all due respect….I said ask me a question. I didn’t say ask me a serious question. And anyway, you’ve already asked two questions and I think that Linda has reached her limit in being patient with you.But, if you want to be serious, fine, let’s go.Are you making up this situation? How many readers do you think can relate to being “blown off” by a client? Does that really happen in the real world?OK. Let’s say that it could happen. If it did happen, what would be the chances that the salesperson would actually file their folder away and go on to other things? Wouldn’t the salesperson continue to call, beg, and plead, forever?All right! Pretend that the salesperson did show some restraint and did close their file. Then after a year, the prospect wants something from you.This is a place that we could use a really good question. (Jeopardy music is playing.)(Still playing.)(Dah da dah da dah dah dah. Bum Bum!)What is, “Should I be confused?”

  15. Dear “Rick’s Mom”,I believe that I was switched at birth, and you are really my mother, and if not,would you consider either adopting me or being my mentor? Your response and use of metaphor is brilliant!

  16. Dale – Did the prospect blow you off and NOT DO the project you were trying to sell, or did he blow you off and award the project to your competition? If the first is the case, I agree with Rick’s suggestion to express your “confusion” to the prospect. If they actually went ahead with the project, I recommend a different question first: “How much sponsorship is my competitor providing?” Then, I would go with the confusion question. If it were me, it would probably take a pretty good sales effort on the part of my former prospect to get me to sponsor. . .

  17. Welcome to the family, Linda–I’m sure Rick will enjoy the competition–the more the merrier-I always wanted another daughter—!!!!!!!

  18. Did he have a compelling reason?Did you develop SOB?Urgency?Were you both qualified?Did he believe that you understood?Did he believe that you could help?Did he want your help?Shall we see if he responds?

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