Song Selection

I’ve been watching American Idol. It’s very common for the judges to comment on song selection being a factor in the overall performance and frankly, I agree with them. Song selection can affect the performer’s passion if it has a particular personal meaning. The type of song may also fit or not fit the performer’s ability. A hard rock performer’s voice may not easily adapt to a ballad that needs a gentle croon.

Don’t similar circumstances exist in salespeople?

Are you passionate about what you sell? Do you feel like you’re changing the world?

Does your process have the right amount of challenge? Detail? Do you get the right amount of gratification? Is it interesting? Are you the type of salesperson that needs to make 2,3,4 sales a day like a furniture salesperson? Or can you work all year long to negotiate and design a custom engineered solution like a salesperson who sells world-wide computer networks. Is a $500 sale exciting, or do you have to be selling a $500,000 house before you feel like it’s worth talking about.

Are you passionate? Does it fit? Does it show in your performance?

2 thoughts on “Song Selection

  1. Rick, I was also watching and the two things that stood out to me were the advantages that the singers had who 1: made the song their own and took ownership of it and 2: were familiar already with the songs (hard to believe but some had only heard these “well known” songs this week! Same goes for sales people – know your business and take ownership of it.

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