Intimidating Women

No, this post doesn’t belong on Jeanne Worrick’s “Sell Like a Girl” Blog. (Where’s she been, anyway?)

As a matter of fact, this post has more to do with NOT selling, than selling.

Here’s the story:

Last week, I was talking with a businessman at a chamber networking event. He noticed a tall blonde and his gaze lingered a while. I asked if he knew her and he said, “No”. I asked if he had introduced himself, and that’s when the discussion of intimidating women started. He actually wouldn’t meet this women because she was so good looking or so confident or so something that he was intimidated by her.

What if she was the CEO of a prime prospect that had a million dollar need that he could solve?

What if she knew a CEO of a prime prospect that had a million dollar need that he could solve?

What if she provided a product or service that he needed and she was the best in the business?

He blew it! He missed the chance! He doesn’t know who she is. Doesn’t have her number. Squat!

So, maybe he (Mr. Faithful) goes home and tells his wife that he only talked to ugly people, or guys, but he didn’t go near any cute girls……………..B U T   H E   W A N T E D   T O !!!

Guys are so funny!

OK! Why?

Tendency to become emotionally involved?

Need for Approval?

Fear of Rejection?

He didn’t want the Papparazzi to catch him looking at other women?

Grow up! Do you go to work or go to drool?

4 thoughts on “Intimidating Women

  1. Rick, I clicked on each link in your post; soon after clicking on the “Papparazzi” link I found myself drooling WHILE AT work (on the company-issued laptop, uh-oh). My guess is fear of rejection – maybe because it’s my own fear? Not sure, but I wonder what percentage of salesMEN or men in general have this “affliction”.

  2. reminds me of the game of golf water in front, you can “lay up” for a following chip shot or try to “carry it” to the green…… can putt for birdie or “lag it” to secure your par I think the question is: what do you want to do with the moment?

  3. Hello Rick Interesting post.Maybe this guy thought he was at the high school dance where the boys are on one side of the room and the girls are on the other.Most of the boys are afraid to ask the pretty girls to dance because they are afraid to be rejected in front of their classmates.Or maybe he remembers the nights out at the bars and the pretty girls who he asked to dance said no and laughed at him.Maybe he keeps these memories of rejection with him into adulthood. Every time he see an attractive women it stirs up the painful memories of rejection. Maybe he is paralyzed by his pain.Some people are more prone to move away from pain than they are prone to move toward pleasure.Whatever his reason I wonder how well he will do if he has to get by an attractive gate keeper to see the decision maker. Mark

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