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I don’t get this blogging stuff. I’m surprised that not one person answered the questions in my last two posts. I know that you read it. Maybe you were afraid that I couldn’t handle the truth on the “abrasive” question and perhaps the “example” question hit too close to home.

OK. Enough about my confusion…

As you may remember, I subscribe to Dave’s Weekly Baseline Selling Tips. Did you see this one?

Here’s my question.

What did you do in 2007 that you will you do differently in 2008?

Incidentally, if you don’t subscribe to Dave’s weekly tips but you should, use this link and if you want access to all Dave’s past tips, use this link.

3 thoughts on “Next Question

  1. I’ll use this analogy to answer the pending question of your “abrasiveness”. If you use Comet(the well known cleanser) on a hard surface there are no scratches only cleanliness. If you use on a soft surface you will scratch and probably ruin that item. So, you may appear to ruin (with your abrasiveness) a soft weak individual. However, and I include myself in this group–you clean us up real good without a scratch! Happy Holidays!

  2. Another thing about blogging: I always have to be prepared for commentators that are going to be more insightful and on point than my original post was. Two such examples are Sharon’s comment above and Michael’s comment over here. Great commentators make the blogger look good. Thanks, guys! Incidentally, if you haven’t asked to be invited to participate in the Inquisix beta referral program, you can use this link. Be sure to say that I referred you.

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