Sales Lessons ala Politicians

Have you ever watched a politician sell? There are 336 days left in the campaign and I bet that if we all watch very closely, we’ll be able to learn or remember at least that many lessons that we can apply to our sales world. Let’s write a book together. 336 Sales Lessons That I Learned in the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

I’ll start.

Tonight, I heard John McCain say, “I love America enough to make some people angry.” Sounds like he’s mastered any need for approval and will do whatever it takes to fix the problem. His comment reminded me of this post.

I also heard Hillary Clinton say, “America needs a president that can hit the ground running.” How many salespeople spend most of their day getting ready. Hire over-acheivers that are ready to go. Remember this post by Dave

Remember, this isn’t about politics. Your turn. What sales lesson did you hear on the campaign trail today?

334 to go.

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