Baker Cadillac Service

You may remember this post about my car buying experience in the spring of 2006.–obligation.aspx

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Baker Cadillac offering me a “free” oil change. You know what happened next. While they were changing my oil, they determined that I needed brakes, I had a few lights out, I had a bad bearing. Before I left, my “free” oil change cost me a few hundred dollars. Oh! Of course, they needed the car all day, so Russ Almstrom loaned me a 2008 Cadillac CTS so I could get around for the day. Now, you and I both know that they were hoping that I’d fall in love with that 2008 and buy it, but I fooled them. When Russ brought my car to my house that night after work, I took my keys, and let him take that Raven Black CTS away. The next day or so, someone from the office called, took my credit card number for the service and that was that.

Here is the rest of the story!

I noticed a shimmy. I called Russ last week. Told him about the shimmy. He asked if Tuesday (today) was a good day. He said, OK, I’ll pick up your car about 7:30 AM and leave a loaner. We’ll swap again at the end of the day.
This morning he brought me another black CTS and took my car. He brought my car back tonight and told me that the tires needed balancing and he did it no charge. He took his loaner, left my car, and disappeared into the night. Great story, huh! I’m not done.

After I set up the appointment, I noticed that one of my license plate bulbs was out. I thought it odd, but forgot to mention it this morning when Russ picked up the car. When I looked at the slip, I noticed that they had replaced, not only the bulb, but the entire socket because it wasn’t making a proper connection….still at no charge.

How did they notice that the bulb was out? If you look at their website, it says, IT’S BETTER AT BAKER!

I say that when they say service, they don’t just mean lip service.

2 thoughts on “Baker Cadillac Service

  1. I was expecting an ending like: “I was so appreciative that I dropped off a case of Sam Adams Winter Ale to the service guys and bottle of Johnny Black for Russ”… but I guess that an email blast/blog from your leather chair promoting their efforts suffices

  2. Rick, Could it be they wanted you to buy the 2008 black CTS? You drove the car twice and no one tried to sell it to you? Are they your client yet? Amy

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