Grafton Inn and Corridor Nine

As we’ve said before, Corridor Nine “means business” and Grafton hopped on board last night in a big way. Larry & Kate Loughan opened up their inn and everybody came. This is one of those events where I had so much fun with so many people that I’m not gonna mention any of them because whoever I leave out might be upset with me. So, let me just say, “Thank you.” to the folks at Corridor Nine and the Grafton Inn as well as the other sponsors, W. B. Smith and Grafton Suburban Credit Union.

If you were there,

 – put your thank you in the comments
 – forward this post to everyone that you saw at the event
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Two things that I learned last night.

1.) Teasing can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Be prepared to take back your words if you can.

2.) Larry is a really fun guy! This is the only time I saw him not smiling last night.

<IMG src="/images/12509-12009/Larry_Pete.jpg” width=640 border=0>

P. S. – I forgot to mention that Arney and David were there supporting the Chamber and the Inn and letting everyone know that the next after hours was at their place. Don’t miss it!

4 thoughts on “Grafton Inn and Corridor Nine

  1. Two things I learned about last night: 1. Rick Roberge, although for years I have been defending him to all that call him a jerk, finally last night insisted on making an ass of himself. Not only that, he has such a high need for approval vindictive personality that he needed to post something this morning for all to see regarding my hairstyle and how it relates to my quota. Is there a bigger knucklehead out there? For some strange reason (and maybe someone can help me understand) why a direct competitor would for years introduce me to prospects that he is trying to work over at a networking event in the following manner: “Hey, did you meet Scott Robbins? Look out, he’s a slick sales trainer, etc….” Maybe at some point, he can grow up and not bite the hand that fed him for years FOR FREE! We have never disrespected him or said outloud in a room full of other business people things like: “Did you shave your head because you missed your quota?” For anyone else who knows Rick Roberge and can talk sense to him, please ask him to grow up. Of course it may be tough since he teaches his clients that a good sales move is when someone doesn’t return your call, that you should take their business card, rip it in half and mail it back to them. Not sure David Sandler ever taught that move (since that is where Rick stole the stuff he peddles these days). Keep up the good work Rick! It’s very unbecoming. 2. The corridor 9 chamber is a very active and lively chamber of commerce and everyone who went as a prospective member should seriously consider joining if it makes sense for them to meet other active businesspeople in the community.

  2. Thank you Kate & Larry so much for all your hard work for the Corridor Nine Event. It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to visit the Inn and the changes are astonishing. They have done an amazing job with refurbishing such a wonderful piece of history. Kudos for the food and presentation. Corridor Nine events certainly bring out the nicest people.

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