You wanna bet $10,000

A while back I was meeting with a prospect and we talked about what he needed to get done in his business. We were very specific. We knew how many sales he needed to make. We knew what his revenues needed to be. We knew what his profits would be.

I charged him $10,000 to work with him.

He got his $10,000 back in less than two months

You wanna bet?

Here’s the terms of the bet.

#1.) You and I spend an hour or two on the phone determining what you’d like to get done by the end of 2007. (I.E. – # of new customers, Revenue $, commission $). This call needs to happen before close of business on 9/5/2007.

#2.) We agree on the parameters that determine success.

#3.) You agree to commit 3-6 hours/week to learning and practicing for the rest of the year.

#4.) You agree to allowing me to hold you accountable.

#5.) You pay us $10,000.

#6.) You get evaluated.

#7.) We start your program at 9 AM on 9/11.

#8.) We agree that we will concentrate on the area that is outside your comfort zone, but in my shadow.

#9.) If we miss our established goal by 10%, I’ll give you $1,000 back. If we miss it by 50%, I’ll give you $5,000 back. If we miss it by 100%, I’ll give you the whole $10,000 back.

#10.) I will not make this agreement with more than 20 new clients.

#11.) Preference will be given to owners that sell and key salespeople in small companies.

#12.) You agree to write a testimonial for me to use on this blog. You agree to be an evangelist for the things that we do together. You agree to use your new found skills and strengths for good…not evil.

Wanna bet? Email me here. One more thing. Whether or not you wanna bet, forward this to all the salespeople in your address book in case they want the fall of 2007 to change their life.

Remember, the first 20. So, if you wanna, call now and in case someone else wantsta, forward it now.

One thought on “You wanna bet $10,000

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