So, tonight, I’m at the Worcester Chamber of Commerce Business after Hours. It’s an annual event. Here’s my post from last years’s event. Interestingly, a lot of the people that attended last year did not this year. Christine Miller was there in all her ambassadorial splendor. Linda Cohan and I were doing some leap frogging. My old friend Mr. Sunshine showed up fashionably late as did the Goodfellas. (Careful what you say!)

It was a good time!

But, for me, the highlight of the evening was when a very well known, very visible, very slick, high profile, super smooth sales-type hot shot says, “Some night, I’m gonna comment all over your blog. You wanna hear stories, I’ve got stories.”

At first, I’m taken aback! This guy reads my blog? He’s easily one of the most recognized faces in the Worcester area. Always impeccably dressed. Groomed perfectly. You shake his hand and you feel the urge to buy. This guy reads my blog? Get out!

Then he tells me a story. I love stories. He’s brand new, just out of college, first job. Been busting his tail to close a big deal with a national company. Really big deal with a really recognizable prospect. OK, so he schedules a closing meeting and his manager wants to come “help”. The two of them are on the call, my friend gives the price and closes. Prospect says that the solution is perfect and if my friend matches a competitor’s price, he’ll get the business. My friend says, “No.”, but the sales manager starts to cave. My friend overrides his boss (remember, first job out of college), shows the prospect the holes in the soles of his shoes and says something like, “I’m the one that identified your problems. I’m the one that wore out these shoes finding the perfect solution for you. Don’t you think that I’m gonna service you better than some Bozo that came along and beat my price on my solution?” The prospect replied, “Match the price, you’ve got the business.” They dragged my friend out to the car, kicking and screaming, while his manager matched the price.

What’s the point? The point is that I’m flattered that somebody that will stand up to a “big shot” prospect like that……….Somebody that will stand up to his boss like that………Somebody that strong…reads my blog.

One thought on “Really?

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