Anniversary Post

Today marks my one year anniversary blogging.

First things first. Thank you, Dave, and thank you, Pete. You guys were there first. You encouraged me and coached me. Gave me ideas and challenges. I’m sure that I made you shake your head sometimes, but you hung in there.

To the rest of you, I still don’t think of myself as a blogger. I’m a sales development expert with a blog.

I was thinking about sharing statistics as to which were the most popular posts.

Boring! Boring! Boring!

So, how about this? I posted 170 times over the past year.

Were any of them especially relevant to you? Which one and why?

Did you have a favorite comment or commentator?

Lastly, is there a topic (sales related) that you’d like to see me address, expand upon, or approach from a different perspective?


The RainMaker Maker

3 thoughts on “Anniversary Post

  1. RickJust starting reading your blog about a Month or two ago but the one I got the most out of was the post about your cell phone number and being open for business. I have changed how I think of my cell phone. By giving it to customers or prospects I am able to get more answers to my questions and stop playing phone tag. One customer thought it was great that they where able to get a hold of me when they needed me. It helps me with the label on contractors that they don’t return phone calls– “Well Just Call Me” Thanks for taking your time to write the Blogs I enjoy reading them

  2. You are welcome, Joe. One other thing. Make sure that your customers realize that you do have an office with a listed business phone that’s answered and if they do, someday, leave a voicemail message, they’ll get a call back ASAP.However, you realize that when one of your customers wants to talk to you, they may want to talk to you, now. So, to make it easy for them to reach you, you give them your cell number and tell them that they should feel free to use it whenever they wish.Thanks for reading!

  3. Thank you. And your welcome. It’s been an interesting year. I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot from you… not just from the blog. But, the blog certainly reinforces stuff. I like the posts where you talk about real things that are happening to you as a salesman. And how you deal with it.

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