Signs of Success

One of the greatest things about my job is watching my clients succeed.

This morning, I learned that one of my clients had won a competition. Not by a little, but by almost 50% over the 2nd place person. Not bad for an introvert. Not bad for someone that doesn’t exude confidence. Not bad for someone who would rather be with things than people. He had more meetings in 4 weeks than anyone else in his group and many of the people in his group consider themselves to be hot shots. Great job!! I am very proud.

Early this afternoon, I had a conversation with a client that “signed up” with us on November 15th. I suggested that he start calling prospects that he had given proposals to but had not bought and try his new “stuff”. Last week, one of those “misses” turned into a sale big enough to pay for his whole year with me.

Another client writes: “in September 2005…… highlights a few deals that I made: the first returning client and the first internet based lead that converted into a sale. A year and a half later, the deals that were made last week make the 2 that I was celebrating a year and a half ago, seem quite small. (Two year long engagements.) But, that’s not the milestone I wanted to talk about…… We’ve taken the business in a different direction. Some day, we’ll have volume. But our current focus is to provide greater value…………. We charge a whole lot more than we did in 9/2005. And we provide a lot more value.

Thank you gentlemen!

5 thoughts on “Signs of Success

  1. Noah, thanks for the kind words, but it’s not all me. As a matter of fact, how’s it go?1% Inspiration…..99% Perspiration.Sure, I have good stuff, but, more importantly, I have clients that work hard.

  2. Rick, you’re at least one of the men! What you really do well is that you make this business of selling easy enough for anyone to succeed at it. Not an easy task but you do it well.

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