Motorola Q, Bluetooth & Sales

Huh! OK, here’s the story. I don’t have to be the first to have the newest thing, but if it’s cool, I don’t want to be the last. So, I’ve been watching people use organizers, Palms and Blackberrys for years. Without getting into specifics, I didn’t join them until last Thursday, 12/21. I bought a Motorola Q and Bluetooth headset. My wife used my phone last night without the headset and said, “It feels like you’re talking into a calculator”. That’s one of the reasons that I bought the headset. The other was the convenience of receiving calls while driving. I hope I never become one of those people that wears the headset while walking around so they’re “ready” or worse, one of the rude idiots that wears it while they’re having a face to face conversation in case somebody more important calls. The reason that I bought the Q was to be accessible. Not so much to be able to access, but when someone wants me, I want them to be able to reach me. Cell phone and laptop used to be enough. Like Emeril, I want to step it up a notch.

This isn’t actually a treatise on technology, early adopters, or even customer service, but I needed to share this story to set up a subsequent incident. Naturally, I had to show my new toy around. One of the people that I showed it to told me that he had had the same phone since 1999 and wondered if he should ask his boss for a new phone. Don’t you think that’s weird? Is he wearing the same suit to work that he wore in 1999? Driving the same car? Same eyeglasses? This guy is a well paid, well respected, “leader in his field” professional. Ask his boss? Did he ask his boss when he upgraded his suit, car or glasses? Isn’t your cell phone a “personal” tool to make you more productive? I was blown away. How much more productive could this person be if he invested in himself rather than waiting for his boss?

I think this is mindset. Owner mentality vs. employee mentality. I’ve been offered company cars, salaries, paid vacations. I always opt for mileage reimbursement, commissions, and unlimited time off. I decide what tools I want for work. If my employer wants to contribute, fine, but I make the investment in myself to make myself more productive so I can bring more value to my clients, my employers and hopefully the world. So, I decide which phone I want and I pay for it. I decide what car I want and I pay for it. I decide that I take summers off and I pay for it. And, are you ready? I paid for my own sales training. I own it, so it comes with me wherever I go.

Merry Christmas!

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