Sales Super Stars

It’s been an interesting few weeks. Several posts worth. Here’s the first.

I had an interesting conversation with Mark Murphy last Friday morning. For those of you who didn’t meet Mark, Mark worked as a salesman for a major building products company for over ten years and earned a ton of money while he was there. We had the opportunity to work together for several weeks. Mark made the comment that he had learned something from each of us, me, Mike, Chris and Dave. So, last Friday morning, I said, “Mark, think back a year ago. You’re back at the company. Top of your game. Top guy in the company. TV personality. Respected. Sought after….The man. Now, pretend that I called and said, “Hey, Mark. I’m a hotshot sales development, super trainer and I can make you better!” What would you say?

His response was predictable. He would have said, “Look around. I’m the best! I’m invincible. I don’t need help. I can’t be improved. I’m perfect!” Then I asked again, “Did you learn anything from me?” “Yup.” “Did you learn anything from Chris?” “Yup.””Did you learn anything from Mike?” “Yup.””Did you learn anything from Dave?” “Yup.”

So, if a hotshot, TV star, hop on a lear jet, national, company leader type super star salesman can learn from the likes of us, what do you think the chances are that you could learn something?

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