Sales Tricks

As you know, I watched Dr. Covey’s webcast interview on yesterday. He spoke about people who seek to learn from experts. He suggested that if you really want to learn how to do something as well as an expert, you adopt their principles and purposes rather than try to learn their techniques.

I can give countless examples of salespeople asking for a trick to use that will help them close more sales and make more money. What’s the secret to developing instant rapport? How can I get someone to tell me their budget? What’s the trick to getting a CEO to return my call? How do I get around an “I want to think about it.”? How come I get stood up on appointments? What’s the special trick to eliminate “buyers remorse”? Why are my customers so nice when the’re buying but turn into the customers from hell? and on, and on, and on…

So, Dr. Covey’s advice is forget the tricks. Forget the techniques. Strive to discover the mindset of the expert. Understand what is motivating the prospect to act the way they are and what might motivate them to act otherwise. Why did the prospect agree to see or talk with you in the first place? Why do you feel the need to trick them?

Intentionally left hanging. Something to ponder.


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