Magician Secrets Revealed: On the trade show floor

When I perform as a magician, people always ask me, “How did you do that?”  When I work the trade show floor, people always ask me, “Why are you working for them?  You should get a job in Vegas.”  The secret revealed is that people hire me to use magic as the tool to stop traffic at their booth.  I am a trade show edutainer.  Edutainment is the art of educating while entertaining.  The illusion begins with you educating me about your product, service, or message, and the type of people you would like to meet.  Once stopped, based on that education, I qualify the attendees for your business.  The final step is to introduce qualified prospects to you in order to record contact information for post show follow-up.  The illusion is completed because I wear your company’s logo while sounding like an employee of the company. 


Anyone that has spent time on the trade show floor knows that the traffic may not flow fast, but, like a river, it never stops.  Another secret revealed is you do not have to know a single magic trick to get people to stop.  The illusion begins with a smile, a hand out, and greeting them as though you know them.  If you can use their name, the illusion is enhanced.  This approach makes people stop because they think for a split second that you know them.  If you do not know their name, normally, people are polite, so they will stop to shake your hand.


The final secret revealed, for now, is that 79% of all show leads are never contacted.  That is like working a very long day and not getting paid.  If this is you, the illusion is that you do not need any more sales.  The reality is that you need a follow up system and could benefit from sales training.


On the trade show floor,

Jason Kallio


Say It With MAGIC


<ST1Jason Kallio</ST1 was formerly a technical salesman, regional sales manager, and has a mechanical engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).  Jason has nearly 20 years of trade show experience.  If you want to learn more about the amazing results obtained by using Say It With MAGIC at your next trade show, visit or call (508) 865-1423.

4 thoughts on “Magician Secrets Revealed: On the trade show floor

  1. Jason, That’s amazing! 79%! How many times I’ve watched people walk by booths and wonder why the people working the booth don’t stop gossiping with each other or get up off their chairs and talk to people. Most attendees are there for a reason aren’t they? Thanks for being a great “guest blogger”.

  2. A great posting by a great guest blogger. I heard Jason describe the technique of “Offering to shake hands while saying Hi like you know the person” A couple weeks back at a meeting we were at together. It’s great advice and I’ve used it well. Wow, so 79% of leads are not followed up! That is something isn’t it? Though from my experience at Business After Hours networking events, I’ll bet the % of contacts that are never followed up on is even higher. I’ll have a decent conversation with someone, exchange cards, and I swear that probably 95% of the time if I didn’t take the initiative, I’d never hear from the person again. It’s not because they don’t want to call, they just don’t for some reason. To your point – why do people work so hard and not follow through? I suspect they often don’t really know how best to follow up.

  3. I’d guess that people have poor systems for following up with people that they meet. How often do you meet someone at an event, and they never contact you? Most of the time. But, I bet Jason could add to the CONVERSATION with some insight.

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