I’ve got it!

Pete, Tim, I figured out why I blog!

I like talking with certain people about life in general and sales in particular. I’ve know Dave and Marshall (Marshall, start a blog, dammit!) for 30+ years. I have other people that I enjoy talking to, too. Mark, Mark, Linda, Mike, among others. Dave as you know is busy. Two very successful companies, best selling books, etc. Marshall built a house on a lake and not many people have seen him since. Mark is getting PawSpot going. Working with Dharmesh on Hubspot. Looking for a house and preparing for his firstborn in December. Etc about Mark and Linda and everybody else I know, and oh, by the way, I’m on vacation from 8/12 (yesterday) to 8/20. EVERYBODY is busy and sometimes not in the mood to talk with Rick about what Rick wants to talk about.

This is why I blog. I know that a lot of the people that I like to talk with read my blog. It gives me the opportunity to start conversations with people who’s opinion I respect and anybody who reads my blog gets to “listen” in. I get to carry on conversations with people that I care about and respect at times when they might otherwise not be able to chat on the phone. I have also met some very interesting people, (blog-quaintance as Pete calls it.) through my blog.

OK, this is how I figured it out. Dave wrote More Death and expects a response. If Dave and I were having lunch, we’d talk about it and you guys would never know what we talked about. But I’m gonna respond to him in my next post and you not only get to watch, but you can chime in, if you want.

Update: Noah Kagan makes an additional interesting point at I am Not a Blogger.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve got it!

  1. Well said. One of the things that’s nice about blogging is that you can use it as a tool for “personal value creation” and the community benefits too. I blog to force myself to think and take a stand. As it turns out, the blogosphere seems to get some incidental value too.

  2. that is what i am talking about. i think blogging is okay as long as there is a purpose. a few people have asked me oh i am starting a blog what do you think. i always say the same thing, “WHY?” not that i disagree or think it is bad but make sure they on the right track. you are definitely on the right track. keep it up!

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