Seth Godin EEEWWW!

God! I hate giving credit or linking to Godin, but every once in a while he says something that makes sense in the sales world and I don’t want to be accused of not acknowledging the source.

Twice, today.

First, in this post, he advises marketers not to market until they’ve got the prospect’s attention. How many times have we seen salespeople start telling their story while the secretary’s giving messages to the boss, the kids are running around distracting mom & dad, the prospect’s phone is ringing, the prospect is looking at their computer monitor, or any other number of distractions are keeping the prospect from giving us 100% of their attention. Here’s the rule. If you can’t get 100% of your prospect’s attention, go 100% away until you can!

The second post can help you decide whether or not you should work for yourself. If you have a good boss and you don’t want to do all that’s necessary, stay put! But if you can be a better boss than your boss, maybe you should fire your boss and hire yourself to replace him/her.

Thank you, Seth.

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