Selling Spelling

I was reading and commenting on Dave’s post and I wanted to make sure that you all saw it.

Spelling is, was and probably always will be one of my pet peeves. I worked for an engineering firm in the early 90’s that hired incredibly talented, very well educated engineers……none of which could spell, but all of which thought that they could. We used to generate 100+ page proposals for projects that were worth millions of dollars and these idiots thought nothing about sending them out without any checks because the author was so awesome. Eventually, we instituted the policy that EVERY proposal was reviewed by me, an administrative person, and an executive. The three of us were very thorough. Invariably, we missed something in 100+ pages, but we caught most of it.

I see examples every day of emails that get sent, blogs that get posted, newsletters that get sent and even websites that get published with errors that should have been caught. I shake my head and think, “Careless!” Then I evaluate whether or not this carelessness might show up in their work if I become a customer of theirs.

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