Don’t Assume

Last night, I attended the Fun at Five networking event hosted by Fine Lines and sponsored by Savers Bank. It was hot, but not just because the shop wasn’t air conditioned. It was hot because of the networking that was going on. Paul LaFlamme was their teasing everybody about an upcoming announcement. Mike Brady was there, but that’s no surprise because he’s all over all the time. I also had a very interesting conversation with the soon to be owners of a new catering business (more to follow when they’re official) about Goose Rocks Beach. I think that I may have met someone who loves that place as much as I do.

OK. Here’s the explanation for the title. I also hung out for a while with Cindy Skowyra. As you probably know, Cindy IS the Worcester Chamber. She’s everywhere. She’s an awesome networker. She is a person that people seek out. So, I ask, “Cindy, how come you don’t go to Pete Caputa‘s Art, Wine and Networking events?” She says, that nobody’s ever invited her.

Pete! Right now! Invite Cindy! Get the October date on her calendar! Talk about obvious. Cindy will triple attendance! She’s the man! Well, you know.

And the lesson is, “Don’t assume.” Don’t assume that the best networker in Worcester County has been invited. Don’t assume that the pretty girl won’t dance with you. Don’t assume that the big client won’t buy from you. Don’t assume anything. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask.

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