Deborah’s Top Ten

Pete Caputa has me watching 34 blogs. That’s right 34, but 34 is nothing. Ask him how many he watches. Anyway, one of them directed me to my 35th. Deborah Schultz has come up with a Top Ten List of Phrases that she uses with regard to community marketing. As I’m reading them, I found myself thinking, “I ask that when I’m selling.” Rather than paraphrase or plagiarize, I’ll just suggest that you check out her list yourself.

One way to learn is to explore. As I explored her blog, I found two other posts that you should check out while you’re there.

Engagement reminded me of how many times I here salespeople make crappy, un-engaging introductory phone calls that end within seconds with “I’m not interested.” or dial tone.

Reputation points out a basic problem with all small business owners. It’s not, “How can I keep my customers happy and develop a good reputation with them?” It should be, “How can I keep this customer happy and develop a good reputation with him/her?

Thank you Deborah. I’ll be watching.

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