Sales Lesson or Life Lesson?

My wife and I had to go to a wake in Connecticut this evening. On the way down, my wife wanted to stop at the Christmas Tree Shop in Buckland Hills to get some ideas on picture frames. We did. She did. It was 6 PM. I hadn’t eaten since a light lunch at noon and we weren’t going to be eating dinner until after 8 PM. So, I bought a can of mixed nuts to munch on during the rest of our drive to the funeral home.

A few miles down the road, we’re both enjoying the nuts and sipping our Dasanis and I said, “Boy, that was a good idea! Huh?” (The nuts were really hitting the spot!)

She replied, “Yeah! That red is gonna be perfect!”

It took me a minute to realize that she was talking about the frames that she found. She still doesn’t have a clue that I was talking about the nuts!

Now, you have to admit that in this situation, it’s pretty funny, but on a sales call, it’s not funny if it doesn’t get corrected. It is the salesperson’s responsibility to assure total communication on a sales call. Ask questions. Re ask. Make sure the answers make sense.

As for my wife, I think she liked the nuts, but the frames were perfect!

One thought on “Sales Lesson or Life Lesson?

  1. Great lesson about words and phrases we think we understand when in reality, people attach their own experiences to those words and phrases. How often will the experience you have in mind match your prospect’s experience? How about never?

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