I seldom talk about my tennis playing in high school and college, but I loved playing, watching, talking tennis. Life, wife, kids, career, house, beach house, moved it way down the list of priorities to the point that I don’t remember where my racket is. Oh well!

Saturday, I caught a glimpse of the women’s singles final match at Wimbledon. The favorite lost the first set, but eventually held it together and won the match by one game. Take a look at the match summary. This was not a case of domination. This was a battle all the way.

Here’s the “blog reason”. Does what happened to Amelie and Justine ever happen to you when you’re selling? When I was watching the match, I watched the players talking to themselves. If you watched their eyes, you could almost predict the next point. Sometimes determination. Sometimes worry.

Check out the match summary again. Look at how close the players were in each category.

Look at the Unforced Errors numbers and Double Faults. Each of these top level, professionals GAVE their opponent over 20 points.

Either one of them could think that they deserved to win. Both of them could think that they deserved to lose.

Only one of them won. Get it? Little differences during can make for major differences in the results.

One thought on “Wimbledon

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