Welcome to the 21st Century

A month or so ago, Pete Caputa, introduced me to Tim Grahl and almost simutaneously coined the word, “blog-quaintance”. The first time that Pete asked me why I had a blog, he thought so much of my answer that he replied, “Bull!” Well, after 100 days of blogging I can give several answers.

I don’t want to get into the difference between marketing and sales, but a blog can be used as a marketing tool to predispose a prospect as to the “expertness” of the blogger. A salesperson who has written a book on sales might appear to be more of an expert. A salesperson who has taught a sales course might appear to be more of an expert. A salesperson who is a frequent speaker might appear to be more of an expert. Possibly a salesperson who writes a blog that’s being read might appear to be more of an expert.

What do Tim, Phillippe, Dave, Des, Francois, Dane, Brian, Steve, Derek and a whole other bunch of people have in common? They are all from far away, but not as far as Mirona, who lives and blogs in Romania. They have also been mentioned and/or linked to on my blog or I have been mentioned and/or linked to on their blog. It’s cool! Getting feedback from afar makes the world smaller and my “stuff” more universal.

Finally, a blog separates the wheat from the chaff. I talked to somebody today who’s a salesman. He told me again that he doesn’t have time to read my blog, but I have time to write it. Respectfully, I made a lot more money than he did last month. Perhaps he should make the time to read it.

So, I suggest that if you profess to be an “expert”, then you should look like one. A blog might help. A website might help. Writing a book might help. Being interviewed on the “Today” show might help. I kinda took the path of least resistance. What do you do that makes you appear “expert”.

Incidentally, there are so many blog mistakes and faux pas that you may want to contact Tim Grahl. See if he can keep you on track. Oh, one more thing. Rumor has it that Pete Caputa, introduced Mark Paskell to Tim Grahl because Mark wants to come into the 21st Century. Welcome aboard, Mark!

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