Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Jack Vinson writes a blog where he writes about knowledge management, personal effectiveness and more.

I was especially interested in three posts.

Learning Fast to Stay Relevant clearly states the logically obvious, but I wonder how many of us practice the whole process consistency and consciously.

Fun with Policies reminded me that although a process may need to be changed, it may be more important to learn whether there is a policy driving the process that needs to be changed first.

As I read The Value of Making Things Explicit, I found myself thinking about:

 – the reasons that we write down our goals.
 – the value in brainstorming type meetings.
 – the reason that we practice and role play.

Thank you, Jack.

One thought on “Knowledge Jolt with Jack

  1. I’m reminded that people often don’t take the time to just THINK. How often do we plow ahead, bent on the mission only to look back and say, “Jeesh, there was a much easier way – I wish I’d thought of it.” And we often do if we take an extra 3 minutes to challenge ourselves with questions like, “Is this first thing I’m thinking of really the best approach? How else might I get this done?” Paul

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