I am a Sales Expert

Those of you who got to watch Dave Kurlan on Wednesday know exactly what this title means. However, Pete Caputa asked me a question which I answered on his blog. The rest of this will make more sense if you go read his blog and my comments, now.

Now, the point of this post is that there’s a big difference between you and me. You are a web design expert, or a financial planning expert, or an advertising expert, or a physical fitness expert, or a “whatever you are good at” expert. I am a sales expert. If you could put your product knowledge in my head, I could sell your stuff better than anybody else selling your stuff. If I could put all of my sales knowledge in your head, you could sell your stuff better than anybody else selling your stuff.

Now, honestly, neither of these extremes is possible because I’m not interested in your stuff enough to want to sell it full time. If I like you, I might try to help you sell it, but I like to sell for selling’s sake, not to move a particular product. I like the process. I like the game. I like turning tough prospects into low hanging fruit. By the same token, you do what you do because you have a passion for it. You don’t sell for the sake of selling, you sell because you need a customer to work for. Steve Messineo, Dr. Craig, and Rosemary Snow like seeing people leave their offices flexible, strong, standing tall and relaxed. They need to find customers, but their passion and job and “expertness” is about fixing customers, not “selling” customers. It’s fun to associate with people like Pete Caputa, Doug Foster, and Kim Corwin. They wear their passion on their shirtsleeves. You show them a problem, they want to fix it. The problem is that they have to make sure that they’re gonna get paid to fix the problem. Otherwise, they wind up being very smart, very talented, very poor people.

So, here’s a few questions for all those people that are good at what they do, but not at what I do.

Do you believe that you’re an expert?

Do you believe that you could earn another $50-$100,000/year? More importantly, are you tired of NOT earning another $50-$100,000/year?

Are you willing to commit to change, if change means learning how to determine who needs you and who doesn’t and learning how to help those that need your help to do business with you?

It took 30 years to become me. It usually only takes a year or two to become the you that you want to be.

Notice how few links there are in this post.This isn’t about selling. It’s all about you.

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