Spousal Importance

I was out tonight at a networking event, but I’m not gonna take any of Pete’s glory away. I’m sure that he’ll tell us all about it. My wife, Elaine, came for a glass of wine tonight. Met a few people. Then went home to watch the Red Sox beat up on the Nationals. I also saw Scott and Darcy Cook, Neil & Lisa Anastas, John & Sandra Condon, and Doug & Sandy Foster. It’s impressive that 300 people came out tonight to network. It’s special that some spouses got to do it together.

3 thoughts on “Spousal Importance

  1. I got to say hello to Elaine. Glad she could make it. Also, Dick and Andrea Goodman were there networking together. My wife was out visiting our newborn nephew. Maybe next time she’ll come 🙂 By all means, steal thunder. I don’t think I’ll be writing it up nearly as well as you could. I was busy introducing people to each other and managing some logistics.

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