Door to Door or Telemarketing

Pete Caputa advised me to spend time regularly reading other blogs. Philippe posts about Marketing & Sales. He’s made three posts recently that you might enjoy:

Door to Door or Telemarketing – Here’s the secret! If the prospect doesn’t know that you’re knocking on their door cold or calling them cold, will they still resist?

B2B Cold Calling – I love statistics, just not when it comes to selling. I’ve always struggled with anything other than 0% closed or 100% closed. You’re either a client or your not. Having made a few B2B (as well as B2C) cold calls, I may be able to tell you that I made 200 calls so far this month and closed 2 sales and I may be able to tell you that I was 200 for 38 the month before. But, really, can I really expect to close 10 sales next month if I make another 200 calls?

Bullies and Sales – Seriously, do you appreciate it when a prospect is pressuring you to let them buy. Do they think that throwing a lot of money at you, promising you a lifetime of referrals, and promising to be the dream customer is really gonna want to make you do business with them? By now, you’re laughing, but what if this were real? What if you had such a clear understanding of what needed to be done, that your prospect knew it without you saying anything. What if you had the guts to tell a prospect that you didn’t want to do business with them because you didn’t think that they were the type that would refer other customers to you and that your pricing is dependent on one customer leading you to two others? Ask anybody who knows me. I am absolutely a bully, but I’m a bully who says that he doesn’t want your business. You’d be surprised how hard people fight back to buy when you as the salesperson say, “I’m not convinced.” Philippe gives the answer, “Ask. Listen.”. He just doesn’t do it enough. I say, “Ask. Listen.” “Ask. Listen.” “Ask. Listen.” “Ask. Listen.” until they’re asking, “Now can I buy?”

Please go tell Philippe what you think of his posts.

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