What an event!


If you weren’t there, you missed it! 100’s of people meeting, talking business, making connections. Neil Anastas (New Look Auto Detail never knew that so many people with dirty cars could be in one place. His wife, Lisa, watched and probably started planning for a bigger house. Congratulations and Kudos to Barbara, Karen, Chris (the closer) and Joelle. You guys (and Larry) know how to throw a party!

OK, now for the crowd. Have you guys watched Linda Cohan lately? Her metamorphosis from not wanting to go to these events to the master networker that she is today has been fun to watch. I’ve known Marshall Katz for over 30 years. I’ve always invited him, he’s always been busy. I think he’ll be back. I think he had fun. We were joined again by Bob Johnson. You can’t imagine how easy it is to introduce him. He can find something in common with anybody. He talked motorcycles with Marshall, Paul LaFlamme, and Mike Brady. He bragged about his 2 daughters and 2 sons, I bragged about my 2 sons and maybe we found a job for Marshall’s son Joel. But, I am most pleased with the conversation between Bob and Deborah Penta. They are gonna do great things together! Mary Moynihan is an interesting case. She’s been a nurse for a long time. She’s well respected, good at what she does and at the top of her game. She develops a passion for her friend’s business and now, in addition to working full time as a nurse, she’s attending sales seminars, learning about the industry, and networking at Corridor Nine. Keep your eye on this one!

There were many other conversations and introductions and I’m glad for whatever part I was able to play in them. But, the most rewarding event happened after I was there for three hours. Pete Caputa brings Paul over and says something like, Paul’s thinking about coming to Dave Kurlan’s seminar. So, I ask Paul a question, and another, and a third and I watch Doug Foster move behind Paul over near Pete and he says to Paul, “Just pretend we’re not here. We want to hear Rick sell.” I asked a couple of more questions and told Paul that I’d see him at the seminar and we could talk (privately) after that if he wanted. Pete, Doug and Eric (who wasn’t there tonight) are THE three guys that I want in Dave Kurlan’s program. These guys are very smart. Very technical. Very driven and the reason that they relate to me is that they see themselves in me. They know that deep down I’m a geek, a techie, and shy. Like them, I have an organized mind. I understand and appreciate systems. Like them, I know how to mirror. Like them, I’m hungry. Eventually, they will say, “Rick, I don’t know how to pay for this, but let’s find a way.” Thank you Pete and Doug. Most people watch me work and assume that it’s magic, luck, art, or the right hair tonic. You guys watch and you see the systematic process. When you commit, you’re gonna be great!

Incidentally, I heard some buzz tonight about the CORRIDOR NINE SUMMER SIZZLE! A word to the wise….Put it on your schedule NOW!

15 thoughts on “What an event!

  1. Sounds like it went very well! I thought about going, but only get to spend quality time with baby Sam after work, so stayed home with him instead. A worthwhile trade. 🙂 Big events can be overwhelming, especially when they’re unstructured. What do you think Pete can take away as lessons from this night to ensure the next Art, Wine + Networking event is a great one, too?

  2. Rick, I am honored to have been included in your blog! A first for me. I am bringing Judy Bowman to Dave Kurlan’s seminar. She did sign up!

  3. Very good question, Eric. There were a lot of things at play last night. The Corridor Nine ambassadors were competing with each other to see who could invite the most prospective members, sign up the most members, etc. The wine was flowing, which always helps. Most in attendance expected a lot of energy because Corridor Nine’s events are always great and often the expected becomes reality.Now, in thinking about Pete’s Art, Wine & Networking event, (Click Here to register and attend for free and invite your friends to attend for free.) 160 people were at the last one, are registering and inviting friends and have expectations similar to those in attendance yesterday. They expect that June 20th will be awesome. Incidentally, rumor has it that Corridor Nine will be well represented on June 20th.The competition comes in with Pete’s “Vote for the best networker you know!” contest. Great idea. (Click Here to sign in and vote NOW! Even if you’re busy that night, you can register and vote!)The wine will be flowing, so Pete’s got it happening. The rest is up to us. Those that get it need to give those that don’t a reason to show up. Like, I’ll introduce you to 3 people. Deborah Penta asked Neil Anastas how much he’d charge her for two cars. He told her $300. She told him that if he joined Corridor Nine, he’d do her cars. How hard is that? Everybody wins!Regarding structure: Each attendee has to structure their activity at the event. Who they’re meeting? Why? Who they’re introducing? Why? If structure is internal, it can be expected and controlled.See you on the 20th!

  4. Yes, I was the guy that got cornered. Deep down inside, though, I love being the center of attention! It was terrific meeting you, Rick. I look forward to seeing you at the seminar (yes, I’m signed up!) and furthering my sales education. You might call this a pivotal year for me. All types of things are coming into alignment that demand my best efforts. I believe that this year will be phenomenal and I’m making sure I’m ready for whatever is coming my way. Sorry for waxing metaphysical. Bottom line, I’m planning on making a lot of money this year! Peter Caputa and I had a great one-on-one the morning following the BAH event. Peter’s in tune with his path to success. I also met another gentlemen at Tatnuck’s that night. His name is Al DiGregorio and you’ll be hearing more from him in the coming months. I’ll see a lot of you on the 21st!

  5. Paul, Cornered might be the wrong word. As you get to know me, keep this idea in mind. “If it’s not your idea, it’s not gonna happen.” Frankly, you were “cornered” by Pete and Doug, not me. As soon as I saw what was happening to you, I stopped it. I apologize if Pete and Doug made you feel uncomfortable, but please understand that they’re turning into “Kurlan” junkies and their eagerness to learn is sometimes difficult to reign in. As everybody knows, I like them both. Also understand that if you ever want to learn more, I’ll be available, but until you say, “Yo, Rick!” it won’t happen. See you the 21st (and the 20th?)

  6. Yes. I put Paul in what could have been an uncomfortable situation. I apologize. Paul is definitely doing the right things to take his business to the next level, as I learned from our 1 on 1. See you all on the 20th and 21st.

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