The Anti-Blog

I’m a salesman and always will be. I’m always ready. I’ll bond with a waiter or waitress. I’ll sharp angle the grocery clerk. I’ll work my boss. I practice on my poor wife. I’ve used my skills to get out of traffic tickets. I’ve used them to buy better. I’ll work anybody, anytime of any day for no reason or for real. I love sales stories. I like seeing my clients “get it”. I’ll trade stories any time any day. I love it.

OK, so the I read Dave’s Blog and I say, “This is cool.” Then I read Pete’s Blog and I say, “Yeah, but he’s Pete.” Then I do it and I have a blog. Then, Pete tells me that if I want to do it right, I have to read other blogs, comment on them, tell you about them and link to them. It adds diversity. It broadens our horizons.

So, tonight you get to meet Patrick Dodd. Patrick appears to be a blogger’s blogger. He talks about how to, who should, why to, when to. It’s all about blogs, blogging and bloggers but with the primary focus being doing it right, being effective and making money. So, he talks blogs like I talk sales. Have fun. Check him out here and tell him that The RainMaker Maker says, “Hi.”

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