Yoda’s ‘Sales Style’

Carole Mahoney wrote a post and used a Star Wars video to make her point about Luke Skywalker. I’ll use the same video to make the point about Yoda’s sales style. Pay close attention to:

  • Luke asking where’s Yoda and how far away is he.
  • Yoda’s use of “Not ready”
  • Yoda’s use of “reckless”
  • Yoda’s use of “You will be”
I want to be Yoda.
Here’s Carole’s post.

ACCE National Sales Training

Last week, I had the opportunity to to talk about 21st Century Sales Strategies with several chamber of commerce executives at the ACCE National Sales Training in Denver. They were a very attentive group and very interested in discourse and discussion.

My workshop focused on the impact that the internet, social media and the virtual world are having on chambers of commerce and the changes that will be necessary if chambers are going to remain relevant and vibrant in the 21st century. It starts with recognition of the need, identification of the early adopters that can help start the process, and the development of a strategy for growth.
If you are a chamber executive or a member that cares, here are some of the resources that we offered to attendees of the conference. Feel free to join us.
Feel free to forward this post to other chamber executives or members.

How to Use Hubspot to Increase Sales (Not Just Leads)

Today is my first day back to work after spending a week in Cancun. I should be finishing up my workshop presentation for Thursday, but I wanted to address a couple of things that happened while I was sipping margaritas in the sun.

Every month, I have at least one Hubspot user share their statistics with me. Look at this one.
1,258 Visits (Up 0.6% since Jan) > 4 Leads (Down 33% since Jan) > 0 Customers
or this one
3,078 Visits (Up 22% since Jan) > 33 Leads (Up 313% since Jan) > 0 Customers
Can you hear the spin for the first set of results? “Look! Visits are up! Now we just have to tweak our CTAs to get more conversions.”
How about the spin on the second? “Everything’s up! Triple the leads in one month! Now we just have to adjust to attract the right leads.”
What about the “0 Customers“?
Here’s my take. Hubspot is a great tool. (Just ask them.) But, it’s only a tool that needs to be planted in a supportive process with supportive people. Hubspot not only uses inbound marketing, but they also use an inbound sales process. They also hire salespeople that are already inbound minded. Let me share a few examples by asking questions.
How many Hubspot employees had a blog before they were hired? (a lot)
How many Hubspot employees were active on LinkedIn before they were hired? (a lot)
(As an aside, LinkedIn has about 160 million members worldwide. Some of the people that I know at Hubspot have these LinkedIn member ID’s 1784249, 658789, 5408722, 36253, 7346, 25444, 820197. So, many are early adopters.)
How many Hubspot employees used Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, yada, yada, yada before they were hired? (a lot)
So, before you buy Hubspot, make sure that you’re ready.
Are your salespeople inbound ready or can they become inbound ready? Do you need to hire and inbound salesperson? Do your salespeople have a following? Is their following active or passive? Responsive or disinterested?
Is your sales process inbound ready? Is it synchronized and integrated with your marketing process? Are both integrated with your customer’s new buying process?
Before you hire a Hubspot partner, can they help you sell? Have they been evaluated as inbound salespeople themselves? Are they practicing what they preach? Have they had to spin their customers’ statistics?
Want help with the answers? Want to be evaluated? Want to kick start sales and convert those leads to dollars? Click here to learn how to Align Sales & Marketing.

RainMaker Wanted?

This article was originally published three years ago tomorrow, but is no longer available where it was published. I hope you find it helpful. 

That’s right. It’s a question.

Have you ever thought, “Please, God, just send me a rainmaker who can pick up the ball and run with it!” Are you sick and tired of supposed hot shot salespeople with a track record and a following that talk you into more salary than you wanted to pay and never deliver? Why is that?

Let’s get personal. How good are you? Not are you or were you a rainmaker. Rather, when the rainmaker looks at you, does he see someone that he wants to work with or does he see a ‘mark’ that he can take advantage of? Are you good enough to attract a rainmaker? Are you strong enough to manage them if you could land one? An associate once said, “‘A’ players won’t work for ‘C’ managers.

All right, so you land one. Would you trust a rainmaker? Seriously! Think about it. You hire someone who actually brings in 2, 3, 5, 10 times what anyone else in your company has ever done. It isn’t long before 50%, 80%, 90% of the company’s revenues are coming from your rainmaker’s customers. Who’s in charge? You or your rainmaker? What if he left? Are you out of business?

I’m not telling you NOT to hire a rainmaker. What I am saying is, “Make sure that you have both eyes wide open, that you hire them right and that you manage them right.” Start with an expert. Get his help with the right profile. Let him find you the “ideal” candidate who will be the “perfect” rainmaker.