Inbound Networking – RainMakerMaker Style

Unless you live under a rock, have a flip phone or dial-up internet access, you’ve probably heard of Inbound Networking. (If you haven’t, click the link and catch up.)

Here’s my recap:
  • It’s possible to grow your business with referral networking.
  • It’s possible to grow your business with inbound marketing.
  • It’s possible to grow your business if you are a great salesperson.
But, if you are all three, you’ll be huge! A true 21st Century RainMaker.
I will help start (help, not start) 10-12 Inbound Networking Groups in July. We will be focused on growing sales by expanding our network’s footprint and reach online and 1:1.
You will need
  • 1-2 professionals that you trust
  • a LinkedIn profile and Twitter name
  • a willingness to be ‘other centered’
  • the ability to gently say. “No” to disqualified prospects
  • a conversation with me
I will provide
  • access to my network to grow yours
  • a link on my sidebar to you or your company
  • the opportunity to write for my blog and others for every member of every group
  • help with nurturing the virtual lead into a real live customer
  • a stone wall when you need to be kept on course
  • a sounding board when needed
What’s in it for me?
  • 10-12 groups with 6-20 members in each guest posting on my blog, cross promoting, my traffic will exponentiate (as will your exposure)
  • I will find ideal new clients
Some of you are thinking, “What a sales pitch!” Good bye. Nothing more to see here.
10-12 of you are thinking, “Network with Rick and his network on a regular basis? Uh, OK.” Send me an email with your number and availability 7/5 & 6. I’ll do the rest. (I’ll be at the beach, but if you don’t mind the surf in the background, it’s where I do my best work.)
BTW, if you look at this post, you’ll see growth. It wasn’t inbound marketing, it was inbound networking.
Welcome to the 21st Century!

One thought on “Inbound Networking – RainMakerMaker Style

  1. I can’t assume that it goes without saying that I would love to be in group. I do not want to lead or start one however. So for anyone looking for a member- FYI!

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