Change for Change’s Sake?

As you may know, I’m going through a change. As I was searching for relevant data, I came across this article about change in the Catholic Mass and thought, “I didn’t know that.” Then I started wondering about change. Why we change? When we change? How? Do we change or are we changed? Are we changing and our world has to change or is our world changing and we have to adjust? Are we changing reluctantly? Are we excited about changing? Will the change be a plus, plus where everybody wins? Or will the change leave someone hanging or at a loss? Is the change finally happening or is it an impulsive reaction?

Heraclitus believed that the only constant is change. What has changed in your life in the past week? Month? Year? Decade? How have you changed? Should you have? Are you where you were? Thought that you’d be? Wanted to be?
The Catholic Church will be changing the Mass on 11/27, but they’ll be ‘getting us ready’ between now and then. I’ll be making my change on 12/29, but I’ll be getting ready between now and then. Feel free to follow me by subscribing to the Original RainMaker Maker Blog, or following me @RainMakerMaker or on LinkedIn.

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