5 Steps Your Sales Force Needs to Take to Survive in the Recession

It’s February 2009, Barack Obama is the president, the stock market is in the tank and you are worried about the economy.

Please join us for 5 Steps Your Sales Force Needs to Take to Survive in the Recession a critical idea stimulating web session with Dave Kurlan as your guide. The program is sponsored by Landslide who produces state of the art sales software that combines sales process consistency, on demand performance technology and access to personal sales assistants.

This one hour web session on Wednesday February 18th, 2009, from 1pm – 2pm ET will address the following:
    • Having the right people in the right sales/sales management roles;
    • Gaining your sales team’s commitment and buy-in to work harder, be tougher and do what it
      takes in these more difficult times;
    • Performing a pipeline analysis and working the pipeline;
    • Creating the necessary infrastructure. This includes an appropriate sales process, recruiting
      process, sales management systems, and software;
    • Developing the salespeople on process, skills and overcoming their weaknesses.

You can register here. Don’t miss this session, it will make 2009 easier.

Feel free to forward to a friend.

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