Whose Yo Blogga?

What blogs do you read?

Do you like reading blogs written by salespeople?

Do you like reading blogs written by marketers?

Do you like reading blogs written by webbies?

Social/personal blogs?

Have you ever searched Google for the most popular blogs?

or for the most popular sales blogs?

If this is the only blog that you read, check out the other blogs that I read.

Then give us a thought on the comment page.

7 thoughts on “Whose Yo Blogga?

  1. All Of The Above? Also finance blogs Technology blogs …. As a business technology manager, I like to keep an eye on issues that face non tech areas. Because a little information can go a long way in providing IT services. Regards

  2. cheetah with wings

    Pride of Africa’s wonderful train journey is drawing to the last day. After breakfast we are off to visit a local estate in South Africa.
    estate owner called Fee, Fee women born in Tanzania, childhood living in Africa, she claimed to be long with white skin Zulu (South Africa one of the black tribes).
    she opened a ceramics workshop,Hong Kong Tours, all porcelain design elements related to Africa with a large, very unique

    or animal, the tiger and zebra

    leopard and monkey

    or the lives of Africans

    or South African and colonial war stories

    In her version, the winner will always be like the African indigenous Avatar

    There African beliefs

    Another important theme is the prevention of the spread of AIDS in Africa, no matter what time,Hong Kong Tours, condoms are important
    her for this series was the prevention of HIV in Europe, America tour

    she died of AIDS in 1999

    In addition to his writing, she also has artistic talent to develop local youth
    but students in their work without pay
    But Ta design work after the sale, Ta will get huge revenue
    which inspired us to strive to create

    works here are of course expensive, such as the container filled eggs, a RMB about 800

    a vase sold 20 million, because buyers pay more attention to work in the creative elements and contains the value of Africa

    visiting ceramic workshop, we came to the open-air teahouse, which are busy for the next whole family together, her mother and two daughters as a temporary waitress

    sun good

    scenery is also very good
    her home and a stable, she said, the production of ceramic and riding are two loving life

    see the guests, this horse has a large white horse nodded at us, may think to get the feed, and Oh

    Fee’s daughter practicing equestrian

    our regiment in addition to the old man old lady, but also the young, such as she, like me, ha ha

  3. ā—‹ Autumn is short , and it is fascinating . As a Southerner speaking, the north that gorgeous autumn favorite . Although the fall will soon be over , although they are still unable to go further north to enjoy the northern autumn , but Beijing was painting the mountains like Autumn , but I can still struck a chord .

    ā—‹ coming in the winter in late October , Beijing has entered the autumn season . Random into the outskirts of the mountain , is reflected in the eyes of the golden , glowing red fairy tale world. Walking in the woods , oak Wong Yun look like wax , to see birch clear Lanna snow, blue sky to see Korea as the sea , watching leaves the stack , such as Jin … … no words to describe what you see in the world ,air ticket Beijing, autumn is still bustling , but also will remain bleak . Death of the sun wearing a gold leaves , flashing into a golden swirl , dancing in the wind ,air ticket Beijing, in the time of conversion, the earth is cold, but was covered with warm bright .

    ā—‹ the edge of the fall is winter , even though I do not want to stand desolate cold , but gorgeous is always temporary , but it is never dull … …

    I have more articles : here , wash away your little sad … … Yuyuantan April : people such as the sea , snowy winter cherry North Sea , the Great Wall snow brilliant autumn colors Pictures

  4. today to a practical large stickers for the recent visit of children’s shoes as a reference ~

    First, fill out immigration cards, airplane, the flight attendants will normally be provided, as I write like this, but do not copy the name and birthday ah

    Congratulations on your successful immigration matter, take the finished luggage out the door before the last one, also this customs declaration to the children’s door, the flight attendants on the plane can be obtained from Chinese or English, and then fill in basic information, reporting Matters are not like the hook. Tempts children’s shoes to remember fruit and meat and plants do not take immigration matter, persimmons child does not work, I carry a lot of persimmons year before the Spring Festival entry, unfortunately checked,zhengzhou hotels, the box was tied on a music box called uproar,zhengzhou hotels, full view of the Check the box next, and shame and distressed, impulse really want to eat all the spot, and later still the upper hand to spare the reason

    Memory of each October in Seoul, the air is full of happy taste, crisp, bright and clean, look at the previous photos, taken in October at most the most beautiful. Mid-October to Seoul, only to avoid the golden week of the peak, enjoy a more attentive service, and would not miss the beautiful scenery, very lucky … …

    Warm Tips:
    Seoul and Beijing recently is similar to the temperature, the larger temperature difference between morning and evening, it is recommended to wear long pants, long sleeves, plus a coat or jacket to keep warm, Qiuku would not have had. Even to the autumn, you can take an umbrella.
    * into someone’s home to take off your shoes, under the feet of the effort can be more certain.
    Won in Bank of China brought over for good, local banks in Korea can also be changed, but the Bank of Korea does not operate on weekends, airport for the most cost-effective. If there is no grand shopping plans for 1500 ~ 2000 yuan, sufficient. Regular stores can swipe credit cards, CUP cards can shop more and more, of course, the east entrance of the individual shops and roadside stalls have full use of cash friends ~
    Take pictures faster, many Koreans Han’s portrait is also very concerned about, the most secure flash snapshots, do not lead to a dispute affecting a good mood oh
    * safe journey:) I For more articles: How to use a small holiday Fun Seoul (multi-map) – the fourth day how to use a small holiday Fun Seoul (Photos) – how to use the third day a small holiday Fun Seoul (Photos) – how to use the second day of holiday Fun Little Seoul (Photo Guide) – First Day

  5. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak (L) moves easily with officials afterwhile arriving by Beijing airport January nine 2012. [Photo/Agencies]
    BEIJING – At the invitation of Chinese President Hu Jintao, President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Lee Myung-bak arrived amid Beijing Monday,beginning his three-day state visit to China.
    During his visit, Lee namely appointed apt clutch talks with Hu plus encounter with height legislator Wu Bangguo plus Premier Wen Jiabao. The two sides longing bazaar views aboard China-ROK relations as well as universal plus regional issues of common concern,beijing capital hotel,respectively.
    This year marks the 20th memorial of China-ROK diplomatic ties as able-bodied for a daily of bilateral affable exchanges.

    “China attaches great magnitude to President Lee Myung-bak’s visit,beijing capital hotel,plus hopes his visit ambition further strengthen political believe exchanges plus cooperation between either countries,for able-bodied for beyond bilateral strategic cooperative partnership Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said.
    This is Lee’s second state visit to China since he took bureau surrounded February 2008.

  6. Tel Aviv – Jaffa is usually referred to as Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city. Is a beautiful coastal city, is the country’s most densely populated areas. Today, Tel Aviv, Israel is considered the most international economic center. The so-called Also mention that Israel’s scientific and technological level in the world-famous, ICQ is a Jewish invention. Tour guide said that many Jews will be the first IT company, has a good specialty products, changed hands after doing a little pretty high to sell, get a lot of money in return.

    To Tel Aviv, killed Rabin to first.

    Former Prime Minister Rabin of Israel, he was the first native-born prime minister of Israel, in 1974 and 1977, and 1992 to 1995 in office. Palestinians during his tenure and settlement, the Middle East peace process has played an active role. Until November 4,china tourism, 1995, he participated in the 10 million people participated in a Tel Aviv peace rally by an Israeli extremist right-wing’s shot dead. November 4 each year, there are hordes of Israelis came to Rabin Square, lit candles, offer flowers to commemorate the dedication of the Middle East peace and Israel’s Prime Minister.
    Rabin’s assassination site, now has built a monument (above). The lower right photo, the figure has a small dot, indicating that the Rabin murder, when in the path of his own actions as well as the location of bodyguards. 11 to explain to our tour guide, was to restore the tragic scene.

    then stroll forward. Our attention was attracted a dizzying beautiful guy. So keep Paipai Pai.

    This woman is quite street shooting range of children in Europe and America. Just standing there, indifferent response to the siege of our five or six lenses, not into the rebate.

    Very type of a couple. And a beautiful big white dog.

    Shopping the hot pants beauty.

    Tel Aviv markets to buy food photographed beauty. Much like a movie star.

    diao diao look at you. In fact, she was a child.

    Because of traffic jams, many people ride in Tel Aviv, anyway, the city is not large, while riding on the destination. Unlike Beijing.

    Gentleman exceedingly familiar. The original hole is Qingdong teacher ~
    Tel Aviv car rental point of this is also all over the city, very convenient.
    Cycling sportsman.
    that they do not have dedicated bike lanes. We all ride on the sidewalk. Have very low threshold, up and down easily.

    The sharp man. Pale gray eye eyes melancholy, blonde chic shawl fluttering, beard temperament vicissitudes. Perfect match with a full taste of the whole outfit clever, upper body has a stylish retro vintage blue and gray T rolled edge design, models of irregular loose pants and shirt 9 pants seamless, feet buckle loop step foot in comfort shoes are presen

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