We talk a lot about B2B salespeople, prospecting, sales process, etc.

What about retail?

On Saturday, Elaine and I went to a movie. While we were in the neighborhood, we went to Talbots so Elaine could do return. However, as you may know, Talbots puts their cash registers in the middle of the store, so that Elaine has to shop her way there. I found a comfortable chair and relaxed. Eventually, Elaine made her way to the register with her return and a very shiek wrap. I watched Elaine interact with the cashier and it was obvious that Elaine was fully engaged and having a good time. I heard the cashier say, “Here you go. Have a nice day and it was nice to see you again, Elaine.” The tonality sounded as though they were school friends that had just reconnected after not seeing each other for a while. Elaine wanted to leave from the other door, which meant that she had to shop her way through the other half of the store. She found a very stylish black coat and a dress. Back to the same cashier. This time, I go closer so I can hear the exchange. Paula acknowledged me with a very natural smile. Elaine introduced me to Paula, by saying that Paula remembered her from Coldwater Creek. Paula had apparently remembered that she’d helped Elaine before and they had a good time sharing memories. Now, here’s my question. How much of Elaine’s second purchase was due to Talbots merchandising? and how much was due to the fact that Elaine wanted to go back and talk to Paula some more?

Paula is one of those people who’s not only engaging, but she’s real. Go see for yourself. She works at Talbots at the Solomon Pond Mall.

Now, how about you? Do you know a retail salesperson that’s special?

3 thoughts on “Personality

  1. Jacqui at Nordstrom’s. Call her up, tell her what you are looking for, arrive with the dressing room full of selections, spend a small fortune, leave with a smile on your face. What is better than that?

  2. Rick, please let me know the next time Elaine’s going there – I don’t dare bring my wife April within meeting distance of Paula! A great lesson in being real, and I certainly think it applies beyond the retail sales environment.

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