Honey, I sold the kids!

I got this email from a client tonight.

Every night I have to coax my 2 kids into brushing their teeth before bed. They have lots of objections, and I am usually not in the mood for them. Last night I wanted to try something different.

Instead of telling them what to do, I asked them a question: “Who wants to brush their teeth FIRST?”

They fought over first, but both brushed their teeth without dispute. What’s the lesson here?

3 thoughts on “Honey, I sold the kids!

  1. Eww EWW I know, I know! The point of dispute is not an option it’s a MUST! Don’t give people options that aren’t an option for you, instead give them a choice of say, color. Present the decision to buy as fait accompli! “Of course this is a perfect time to invest in a home, we will never see a better opportunity in our lifetime, the question is, do you want to be in Northborough or Newton?”

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