Critical Ratios

I was reading Dave Kurlan’s latest Baseline Selling Tip and it got me thinking…………

(Don’t skip ahead. Go read the tip. Then read the rest of this post.)

Do you know how many calls you made last month (or year) and how many of them became first base meetings? How many of them converted to prospects? How many qualified? How many closed?

If you don’t know where you’ve been, how can you predict where you’re going?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to end this post for five minutes and I’ve got nothing.

How would you end it?

Would you buy from you?

Have you seen the commercial. It starts off with Karen sitting in front of a desk with a guy in a suit sitting behind it. (Apparently, they’re in a bank.) Karen says, “I just wanted you to know that I was going with Lending Tree.” He asks, “Why?” and she goes into a list of benefits that justify her purchase.

The final exchange goes like this.

Him: “But Karen, you work here!”

Karen: “Awkward, isn’t it?”

That got me thinking…..”Would you buy your solution from you and/or your company?”

Don’t give a ‘knee-jerk’, “Yes.” Think about it.

Are you the cheapest? Do you deserve to be because you have the crappiest solution?

Are you the most expensive? Are you overpriced? What causes you to be pricey?

Are you

  • the most complex? simplest?

  • the most comprehensive? basic?

  • the most leading edge? old-fashioned?

How’s your service department? Are they they busiest because your solution has so many issues? or lonely because there’s never any issues?

Is your company not profitable and going out of business?

There are many other questions, but the bottom line questions are:

Knowing what you know, if you were your prospect, would you buy from you?


If your customer knew what you know, would they buy from you?

Can you sell the truth and will your prospect buy it?

If you can’t but you want to, contact me.

Utah…Business or Pleasure

First, you need to read this post.

As soon as I clicked, ‘Submit Comment’ on John’s blog, I thought, “I forgot social networking sites.” Sites like and (There are others.) give you the ability to interact with interesting people around the world. Read some of the questions that I’ve answered on LinkedIn, then look at the people that are asking them. I’ve not only interacted with businesspeople in several states, but you’ll also notice people from as far away as India.

Another point about John’s post. Sometimes a blogger makes a point, but doesn’t notice it.

John would like to be a regular blogger, but life gets in the way. But, today, he was moved to post and he felt good. He may post again tomorrow. He may not. But he did today. One day at a time.

How many times do we try to create a good habit and feel really bad when it doesn’t work the first time we try? Did you make a New Years resolution? Have you broken it already? So, you’re human? Why not try it again tomorrow? If you did your daily behavior one day in a row, start again and go for two in a row. If you can’t do it three days in a row, start again. Break your own personal best!

I feel like this is a different kind of post for me, so if you have a comment, please share.

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