Utah…Business or Pleasure

First, you need to read this post.

As soon as I clicked, ‘Submit Comment’ on John’s blog, I thought, “I forgot social networking sites.” Sites like www.linkedin.com and www.inquisix.com (There are others.) give you the ability to interact with interesting people around the world. Read some of the questions that I’ve answered on LinkedIn, then look at the people that are asking them. I’ve not only interacted with businesspeople in several states, but you’ll also notice people from as far away as India.

Another point about John’s post. Sometimes a blogger makes a point, but doesn’t notice it.

John would like to be a regular blogger, but life gets in the way. But, today, he was moved to post and he felt good. He may post again tomorrow. He may not. But he did today. One day at a time.

How many times do we try to create a good habit and feel really bad when it doesn’t work the first time we try? Did you make a New Years resolution? Have you broken it already? So, you’re human? Why not try it again tomorrow? If you did your daily behavior one day in a row, start again and go for two in a row. If you can’t do it three days in a row, start again. Break your own personal best!

I feel like this is a different kind of post for me, so if you have a comment, please share.

Also, please feel free to vote & see the results.

2 thoughts on “Utah…Business or Pleasure

  1. These two blog posts hit home with me. As you (Rick) well know, I dealt with very difficult real life issues during ’07 and ’08. Many commitments to change by altering behavior went by the wayside during that time . . . except for ONE–I KEPT SHOWING UP/NEVER QUIT. Because of that fact alone (certainly not productivity/results), I received never ending tough love, which I badly needed, from some very competent, tough minded guys I’m privileged to work for and with. Bottom line, I showed up daily no matter what. With regard to behavior change necessary to succeed in’08 and beyond, I’ve committed to specific daily activities in a documented plan and am reporting daily on those activities . . . in so doing there’s no place to hide, which is a necessary dicipline for me. As a consequence of all of the above, I expect to and will have a success-full year. The lessons in this story are many, but I think the most significant is to keep showing up daily and never give up while being open and honest about how one feels no matter what.

  2. One of the most important things I learned at my first sales training class taught by Dale Carnegie was that it takes 21 days to make a habit of something. So if it’s important to you – keep plugging away every day!

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