Plastic emotions

Elaine and I went out to dinner last night. We’ve been to this place before, but there are so many great places in Kennebunkport, that it’s difficult to become “regulars” anywhere. Fortunately for the restaurateurs (spelling is correct), tourists abound, so if they come once a year, that’s a good job.

Anyway, Elaine mentioned that she wondered if Kate only owned one dress. Kate’s very west coast urban….you know, slender, fit, little black dress, short hair style. Anyway, my response was, you mean Plastic Kate? Elaine replied, “Yes.” She knew exactly what I meant. You know how some people smile and you feel warm, recognized and welcome? Others will smile, but it’s not the same. Their smile says, “Please like me.” or “Please buy from me.” or “This is my work face and I put it on when I’m working. It’s not representative of reality.”

So, here’s the question. Do you know what people think of your work face?