Six Months & Counting

Feel free to skip this “state of the blog” as soon as you find it boring. It’s been six months since I started this blog. I’ve posted 118 times and used 33,657 words (Some more than once). The ten most popular entries were:


Show Up and Be Ready

First………..What is a RainMaker?

Prize Corn


Success Secret #3

What an event!

Steven Cardinale on Seth Godin

Why is the sky blue?

WHAT? No more sales calls?

Success Secret #1


I doubt that anyone would rank them in this order if asked to rank their favorites, but this is the way blogs work. Someone drove “Show Up and Be Ready” to the top spot. It’s the most read even if it’s not your personal favorite.


Speaking of your opinions: 108 people voted. 93 liked the article that they voted on. 4 had no opinion and 11 voted that they disliked the article. I noticed though that I typically received a “disliked” vote when I criticize people and when I criticize two people, I get two “disliked” votes. HMMMM!


Overall, I think that I’m enjoying it. I’m still surprised (and flattered?) when people tell me that they liked my post that day, especially when I didn’t know that they were reading the blog in the first place. Most every post has come from real life. If you have a question that you’d like answered or a topic that you’d like covered or you want my opinion on something sales oriented, send me an email or comment to this post.


Finally, I hope that you enjoyed the posts from guest bloggers, Mark, Linda, and Jason. As we go forward, you can expect more guest bloggers. There are two benefits. First, you will hear and opinion from someone who is professional, an expert, and a leader in their field. Second, the guest blogger will have the opportunity to express themselves once before they commit for the long term. Your comments will help. If you like the post, tell us. If not, tell us why. Incidentally, if you’d like to be a guest blogger, tell me!

Update: If you’re wondering what to blog about, check this out:

One thought on “Six Months & Counting

  1. I am enjoying your blog. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the changing nature of b2b shopping /selling by the advent of the internet/Google. It seems to me that the shape of all companies’ funnels is dramatically different today than it was just five years ago. …It seems to me the role of the b2b salesperson has changed (i.e. the buyer is far better educated by the time he ends up having a conversation with a sales rep. Brian Halligan.

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