Sales Awareness

I’ve known that December 16th was a very important day for most of my life. It’s on my calendar every year. I have a reminder set. The days not done until I make the call. Why is it a big day?

Do you know that today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party? (Not on my calendar.)

Do you know that the Battle of the Bulge started today in 1944? (Not on my calendar.)

How about this day in 1977 when John Travolta opened in Saturday Night Fever? (Not on my calendar.)

Honestly, before 5 minutes ago, I didn’t know that any of those things happened on this day in history. To me, December 16th has always been Aunt Joyce’s birthday. I talked to her tonight and I think that I may have been the last of her regulars to call. She sounded very happy. She had a good day and a good week.

Today, I talked to clients in Richmond, Virginia. It was snowing. In Clemson, South Carolina , schools were closed because of ice. And as I write this it’s 80 in Maui, where Phil is talking with West Maui Cycles  and it’s 75 in St. Croix where my brother Vic went after he raised his rates and got rich.

So, what’s the point? …… It’s not about you! Typical saleperson comes along, says boy is it a great day. Still flying because the Red Sox spent $300 million on two players that are gonna rock Red Sox nation. Yankees got beat out of their saviour. Life couldn’t be better. And here I am with a deal for you.

Find out what’s going on in the other guy’s life. Find out what’s important to them. Find out why they do what they do. Where they’re going. What they want. What keeps them up at night. They’ll tell you what they need and how to sell them.